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Patient Testimonials

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Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Gary M

  • Shoulder Evaluation/Consultation

“I recently had an appointment to discuss shoulder replacement with Dr Evangelista.

I would like to compliment everyone in the clinic and Dr E, the experience was very relaxed and the one on one

discussion with the doctor was helpful and informative. I appreciate the time that was taken to answer questions and

explain what and how the surgery is performed; as well as rehabilitation and recovery times.


Jeff K.

  • Slap tear Repair and Bicep Tendonesis

“I guess you can call me paranoid. I must have searched and read everything there was to read about shoulder ortho's all over Arizona. My situation was different than most I suspect, because not only did my left shoulder have a torn labrum, but it was a result of a violent seizure years ago that causes a full dislocation which causes more complications making a surgery more difficult.

I had already had 1 failed bankart repair for my left shoulder done in CA 2 years ago. Now that I moved to Scottsdale, I needed to get it fixed and get myself back to normal, which for me, means back to heavy weights at the gym.

I first met Dr. E in April of this year, (whom I was referred to by a major pain clinic in Scottsdale. I noticed he was right to the point, more technical than emotional - still very caring. In my 37 years I've seen all kinds of Dr's, and so any misgivings others have on here about his bedside manner, (which was good enough), I just can't relate. But I'll tell you, I'd much prefer a technical no nonsense pro, with the confidence / experience to take on a surgery like this, as I discovered other orthos here in Scottsdale, will not.

I actually was referred to 2 different doctors prior to being referred to Dr. E. Interestingly enough. The first Ortho I found off yelp here in Scottsdale ( has 18 or so reviews) told me he didn't feel comfortable doing the surgery, and get this - shoulders were his specialty. He actually said I should return to CA to have the original operating doc redo the procedure. That was not practical for me. Of course, I take nothing away from that doctor, but clearly I had a complicated situation in my shoulder and he didn't feel comfortable after it already had one failed previous bankart repair. So, in a way, he saved me the risk of another failed surgery.

The second option was a pain clinic who suggested steroid shots in each shoulder which cost me $2k and did nothing for me at all. That pain doctor who administered the injections recommended Dr E after we decided the injections didn't work. He gave Dr. E raving reviews with specifics for why he believed Dr. E was the way to go hands down, stating he's the best in the valley.

So I made an appointment, and was able to get in quickly which I later learned is common, so its nice to be able to have good access to Dr. E. Each time I went to his office pre and post op, I rarely ever waited long, and I personally appreciate that.

In my 1st visit he knew instantly I needed surgery. He also discovered something that BOTH previous orthos didn't- which was that my bicep tendon was disconnected and needed to be reattached. 1 week after my first visit, surgery was scheduled for the week after, (on May 1st 2017) on a Wed, at which time he completed a SLAP tear repair and a bicep tendonesis.

Post op, Dr E said the surgery was a success and I'll tell you, in 6 weeks, it actually felt for the first time, connected to my body. I'd forgotten what that felt like and that's when I knew, it was working, getting a little better each day. I was amazed and so grateful. But understanding how much it needs to be babied for six months wasn't something I fully contemplated. As such, I came to understand the shoulder is such a mobile joint that its quite common for patients to think they have re-injured it doing things they didn't think would be a big deal.

Post op, during the 2nd month, and 4th month out, I thought for sure I re-injured it holding a plate of food, and again months later when I tripped and fell. I was freaked out, scared that I would lose all the progress I had made, so each time, I made an appt. with Dr. E to get an MRI. Funny thing is, he was able to determine from moving my shoulder and doing various physical tests, whether or not an MRI was needed, or whether I should just give it more time to heal, as it could be tendonisis, bursitis or scar tissue.

I was surprised to hear him validate that the recent clicking and popping from the new suspected re-injury was most likely from newly formed scar tissue. I thought for sure it was something disconnected or loose. I actually met with him this morning (9/28/17 to see if he thought I had re-injured it, and he didn't think from the battery of tests he did, that it was damaged or bad enough to require an MRI, but did suggest that taking 2 months off from PT (which he said I did enough of) and seeing if it felt better, was the best solution. Keep in mind, I was willing to pay for an MRI. But he suggested to give it two months, confirming a genuine bedside manner that really counts, which was saving me money and affirming that my own thoughts are my own worst enemy.

Btw - in no small measure of appreciation, I can't write this and not mention his super smart and cool staff. Amanda,Tracy, Jess and Pam, (in no order) are so accommodating, patient and kind. They're an amazing team and I feel fortunate to have them in Arizona. If you have ?'s feel free to message me, I'll answer them. Same review is posted on Yelp. Dr. E and his team deserve it, and if you're a patient, so do you. ”